President Peña considers Mexico is “going on a good path”


Reality as perceived by President Peña Nieto and the one that the rest of Mexico lives, are two different things, while Peña talks about having a clear set of mind regarding the direction the country has taken and considers to be doing a great effort with tasks and actions to “get to safe harbor”, Mexicans who are not fortunate enough to be beneficiaries of the Government budget, fight an everyday war to survive the economic crisis that people from “PRI-GOVERNMENT” are unable to see.

Enrique Peña Nieto said: “We have maintained our course on a steady way, we aim to have a much more developed country, one which grants development opportunities to a bigger number of Mexicans and to close the inequality gaps”, nice discourse but it doesn’t reflect the reality in which millions of Mexican strive to survive.

During the opening ceremony in New Port Tuxpan, Veracruz, Peña gave an optimistic speech where (for instance) he mentioned a 11.4% growth in exports, which he said it is a record for Mexico on any other January, but he might have forgotten to mention that most likely those were products assembled in Mexico by foreign companies (maquiladoras).

Governments all over Mexico (State and Federal) like to talk about Mexico as a big exporting country but they forget that many of them are Asian, European or American products which are only assembled in Mexican soil and then exported but the real profits go to the countries where the companies come from, so it is more a sort of mirage in the desert than a palpable reality.

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