Rep. Tolento (PAN) supports Cucapah fishermen and women

Millenary practice, fishing where the Colorado river used to form a huge Delta, one ethnic nation within a nation, the Cucapah have been living near Mexicali for about nine thousand years, or so some people say, but they have been victims of prohibitions and have been bullied by PROFEPA inspectors (Environment law enforcers who abuse their powers against them) who cowardly harass them.   Tolentocucapa4

The Cucapah ethnic group has been fishing in the Colorado Delta for thousands of years and Congressman Sergio Tolento (PAN) has supported them since the group was afraid they needed to submit a Study lf Environmental Impact (MIA in Spanish) to continue fishing this year, something that hadn’t been asked from them previously.


Rep. Tolento took a group of Cucapah fishers (Hilda Hurtado, Juana Aguilar González y Susana Saez González) to a meeting with Alfonso Blancafort, Delegate of the Environment Protection Secretary in Baja California and the Federal officer said that Cucapah didn’t need to submit an MIA so they are free to fish in the Gulf, merely in the Colorado Delta.

They signed a Memo, where Blancafort stated that the Ecological Balance Law protects this ethnic group (Cucapah) and that they don’t have to submit an MIA, finally Rep. Tolento said that one of his duties as Lawmaker is to fight and protect the rights of ethnic communities such as the Cucapah fishermen and women.


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