US: Private immigrannt detention centers, a profitable business

US: Private immigrannt detention centers, a profitable business

Mar 2, 2017

Mexican illegal aliens in the USA have become more vulnerable and afraid due to President Trump’s immigration policies and executive orders, some illegal aliens farm workers, haven’t shown up to work thus retarding the crops and affecting agribusiness all over the country,  but detention of illegal immigrants has also become an excellent business source for private immigrant detention centers such as the Correctional Corporation of America and another one named GEO, two companies which have seen their stock value soar after the USA President’s, according Laura Carlsen, Director of America’s Program for International Politics.DETENT 2

|It’s business for them and they are expecting to enjoy good times during Trump’s Administration since the USA has federal and state centers, which belong to the Government but they’re managed by private companies and there are other centers which are 100% private in the business of undocumented immigrants detention.

During Barack Obama’s term, said Carlsen, there had been an announcement that family detention centers would eventually disappear, as well as private detention centers because they responded to a perverted logical origin, but the fact is that it is a business in need of inmates to be profitable.

She also commented that even though there haven’t been massive deportations, there is a mood of fear among illegal aliens who have preferred to go back to Mexico before being caught and deported, because they might not only be deported but also detained and kept locked in those private detention centers.

The first “wave of massive detentions” has been relative small but immigration authorities are catching people as criminals when their only fault is being undocumented or lacking a visa or papers.

People are very frightened all over the USA and she said that Mexico must reinforce the operation of 50 Consulates located in the States to support and protect immigrants, since the limitations of these consular offices are huge and immigrants are afraid of showing up to work, thus generating a big crisis.

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