AGROBAJA: Antother year went by, there will be changes soon

AGROBAJA: Antother year went by, there will be changes soon

Mar 6, 2017


Another year of AGROBAJA went by, las Saturday March 4th and the balance won’t be as positive and triumphalist as prior years, attendance fell a bit and it seems that it has been already understood the fact that the main aim was to generate an EXPO, not a FAIR, an evident difference.

The change of President of the AGROBAJA PATRONAGE (which operates the event since its first edition in 2001) might as well bring a deep breath of fresh air to this event and the expectations are that maybe this time someone with real knowledge of the farming sector will arrive to the position, someone aware of the relevance of such an event to promote and support farmers and their activities more than a profit yielding operation.

Everything points out that people with knowledge, experience and sensibility in the Ag sector will arrive to AGROBAJA Patronage Presidency the event needs to re-take its original meaning and aim, soon we’ll be hearing and reading about the “happy numbers” that AGROBAJA presents to the media every year, where there are (indeed) business deals done in AGROBAJA but most of them were already agreed upon before the event they just use the scenario.

AGROBAJA is an event with lots of potential to “trigger” the farming activities and foster a paradigm change in Baja California rural sector and it seems that the new President will bring along a change that is really necessary for AGROBAJA,

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