Baja California Electoral Institute informs about referendum

Baja California Electoral Institute informs about referendum

Mar 8, 2017

Advising the citizens of Baja California about democratic instruments such as the referendum, sort of an instrument of citizen’s participation is important for the State Electoral Institute of Baja California (IEEBC in Spanish) according to the Specialized Analyst of Citizen Participation Coordinator, Karla Julia Carrillo.

She said that referendum is a public consultation which aims to approve or reject modificactions to the State Constitution, legislative as well as city regulations.

She explained that those interested in submitting  a proposing a referendum have to make a motive exposition, have a common representative, download the free formats than the Institute grants thru and have a citizen’s support of 1.5% of the nominal listings, which means about 12 thousand 500 signatures.

She also said that, so far, the IEEBC hasn’t received any application for a referendum in Baja California, finally she invited rthe citizens to particpate in the next interactive sessions which will be carried out on a weekly basis, with the issue of a National Civic Culture Strategy being the central subject for March 14th session.

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