[:en]El Centinela tragedy: Who is to blame?[:es]Tragedia en El Centinela: ¿Hay culpables?[:]



Last Sunday, hiking on EL Centinela hill, a young woman got tired

She was left behind to catch up with the main group later, she never did.

ROCK YOUR BODY, the company that organized the hike should be accountable for this.

They charged 120 pesos for the ascent, 200 with T Shirt included.

Versions have it they left the young Karen behind caused she had gotten tired.

The search for her ended with her dead body found, she fell and fractured her skull.

The second tragedy occurred Monday, when the helicopter fell and four people died.

Are there any people to blame for the chopper’s fall and four people’s death?

Definitely, the queen of impunity, financial black hole: Federal Electricity Commission.

The high tension cables had no warning signals, there must be buoys on these kind of cables.

Thus, the pilots would be able to see the cables that “get lost” over the horizon.

Maybe that is not important for the CFE, world Class Company with world class retirees.

CFE pays millions to the people who retire but doesn’t like to spend on safety warnings.

On the other hand, the Group Defenders (pardon, early risers) of Mexicali invites Jorge Burgos.

Who is he? He is the representative of Constellation Brands and a sample of the company’s attitude.

Burgos was flattered and defended by the Early Risers from the press questions.

Burgos attitude is a clear sample of Constellation Brands philosophy: They got millions, they rule.

Half-truth, evading questions with the typical: “Check it with the transparence instances”

Burgos behavior indicates that the company has no social commitment whatsoever.

Regardless of what their WEB site says they are committed with stockholder and that’s it.

“We won’t deplete the Valley of its water”, says Burgos from his comfort zone.

Nevertheless, they will spend 85 liters a second in their first stage.

Human beings spend 20 liters (average) a day, each second CB spends what four people spend a day.

Two different tragedies that strike defenseless Mexicali before entrepreneurial irresponsibility.[:es]


El domingo mientras caminaba bajando el cerro del Centinela, una joven se cansó.

La dejaron atrás para que alcanzara más tarde al grupo, nunca los alcanzó.

ROCK YOUR BODY debe ser llamado a rendir cuentas, su irresponsabilidad costó una vida.

Ellos cobraron 120 pesos por el ascenso y 200 pesos con camiseta incluida.

Las versiones cuentan que dejaron a la joven atrás porque se había cansado.

La búsqueda de la joven culminó con el hallazgo de su cadáver, caída y fractura de cráneo.

La segunda tragedia llegó el lunes, caída del helicóptero y muerte de otras cuatro personas.

¿Hay culpables por la caída del helicóptero y la muerte de cuatro personas?

Definitivamente, reina de la impunidad, hoyo negro financiero: La Comisión Federal de Electricidad.

Los cables de alta tensión no tenían señalamientos, debe haber boyas en los cables de este tipo.

Así los pilotos de helicóptero podrían ver los cables que se pierden sobre el fondo del cielo.

Tal vez eso no sea importante para CFE, empresa de clase mundial con jubilados de clase mundial.

CFE paga millones de pesos a sus “pensionados” pero en gastos como ese, lamentablemente así es.[:]

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