Governor Kiko Vega fosters rural farming in poverty areas

In 2016 Governor Kiko Vega’s administration started the Strategic Project for Food Producing Security (PESA in Spanish) in Baja California, aiming to foster units of  home/familiar production in rural communities of high and extreme poverty, said the Technical Advisory Director of the Farm Fostering Secretary (SEFOA in Spanish) of Baja California.

He said that it’s better to improve the productive capability in the State with resources of about 36 million pesos, 85% for infrastructure and production equipment  for poultry, sheep, pork, beef, bee and horticulture and 15% to construct facilities to raise rabbit and hen or backyard farming.

He said that SEFOA executes the project, delivering financial aid in Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito, seeking to boost food production such as: Vegetable and poultry farming, as well as sheep, fruit and egg production in high poverty areas of the State.

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