Autobiographical exposition of the beauties and the Beast.

Autobiographical exposition of the beauties and the Beast.

Mar 23, 2017

Hombres o Payasos
Rodrigo Soto/BajaPost

Friday march the 19th at Mexicali Rose a photographic and literature expositión was inaugurated, three beautiful young photographs Gabriela Heinecke, Perla Téllez and MRRQTA, for the beauties and Rodrigo Soto as the Beast, cut the open an exposition of autobiographic pictures with literature presented by Casiopea.HOP2


The main work was to present pictures that could narrate your history using psychological literary works based on the life of the artist in which al the participant wrote a letter for himself when they were babies, photograph an object and narrated why it is part of you or just narrated and picture how do you relate in a personal way with a fruit.


The expositión also had and free space where the artist exposed a series of a free theme in a saloon where the beauties especially exposed fotografs of flowers, Pueblo Nuevo, the city of México, and the beast had the discrete selection of images.


The exposition had such a great acceptance that it’s going to be moved to San Luis Río Colorado in May, so friends from Yuma and Sonora can have time to watch it.

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