Another journalist attacked in Mexico, the third one of 2017

Another journalist attacked in Mexico, the third one of 2017

Mar 28, 2017

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, and it was confirmed last Thursday March 28th in the early morning when an armed commando attacked the house of Julio Omar Gómez, crime reporter in Cabo San Lucas, shooting at his house and killing his bodyguard in the third attempt on his life. atentado-contra-reportero-julio-omar-gomez-en-cabo-san-lucas_9531 (1)Preliminary reports say that between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning the “hired triggers” broke into his house and the bodyguard confronted them and was shot dead by several guys.

Julio transmitted news through Facebook 911, due to the attempts to kill him, he notified the General Republic Attorney and submitted himself to the Journalist Protection Program, so he was protected by federal authorities, because there had been two provoked fires in his house.

The first fire happened on December 19th and the second one last February 8th after which the reporter decided to retire from journalism. This happened just a few days after a journalist was murdered in Veracruz, Ricardo Monlui Cabrera was killed while he was having breakfast  and had already been threatened, and chihuahua journalist Miroslava Breach was killed when she was taking her son to school.

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