“FINAL HEARING”: Mexico’s Government on trial FIL-UABC 2017

“FINAL HEARING”: Mexico’s Government on trial FIL-UABC 2017

Apr 3, 2017



An interesting project about the “structural violence” caused by the Mexican Government through Free Trade practices, a series of research papers presented by UNAM Economy Professor, Andrés Barreda in FIL-UABC 2017 (Baja California University International Book Fair), a free online book, the project includes a thousand books for those fetishists who still love to smell the paper.juicio_estado_mex

FIL Barreda 03Hosted by Mexicali journalist César Angulo, Barreda said he is not the author of the book: “It’s not something I found or figured out; here we gathered a big amount of research papers aiming to put together a puzzle of several critic researchers who have stemmed a lot of documentation regarding Free Trade”

The Maquila is not a return to anything, it’s relatively new, dislocated capital that migrate to industrial paradises based on Maquila, OEM’s or global factories, neither of them is the same as the others, each one is specific, that’s what they have in China, Indonesia, as well as Bajío (central Mexico) or Mexico’s North border cities.

Something that’s not new, said Barreda, a return to past times, is the super exploitation of the workers, like going back to the XVIII Century and the worst parts of the XIX and XX Centuries, what’s currently happening is brutal.FIL Barreda 05

The Chinese created a tremendous crisis when they stepped back from this dynamics; Free Trade is in crisis, not because of Donald Trump’s arrival, but for the sovereign determination of many countries in the world when they decided not to follow the same path.

“That’s why the Coup d’Etat in Brazil, the manipulation of the process in Argentina, the ever so dramatic coup attempt in Venezuela, Mexico has been a Free Trade paradise and South America was following the same path”.

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