Dinner with Luis Felipe Tovar in remembrance of “La Chunga”

Dinner with Luis Felipe Tovar in remembrance of “La Chunga”

Apr 4, 2017

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As part of the UABC International Book Fair (FIL 2017 in Spanish), the main event of Thursday, April 31, was a reading of Luis Felipe Tovar of the work of Gabriel García Márquez, “No one writes to the Colonel “.  I went to the lecture accompanied by a stunning blonde who wanted to tell the Mexican actor a common anecdote about his stage performance of the play “La Chunga” of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.TOVAR

The attempt to get closer to the glorious actor was not easy, rows of audience wanting to portray him, interviews by the reporters who identified him, the recording of a greeting for my mom please, in addition to the UABC security guards which made it almost impossible to talk to the actor.

After minutes and tired already, the actor decides to retire from the fair and gets rid of the university guaruras that are jealous of their duty and do not leave the actor as a shade, already in the Justo Sierra avenue, he decides to walk to his Hotel,  the actor realizes that the stunning Blonde is determined to accompany him to his Hotel and looks at the reporter with the face of ¿this guy what?

 The actor leaves us in the lobby of the hotel and says: “Excuse me, I’m going to my room, ask for something while I’m back. I told the blonde that the actor wanted to do is leave us as idiots waiting, in half an hour the blonde says: I believe you, better let’s go, just let me go and see if I see him and say goodbye. To my surprise, at that moment, Luis Felipe enters the lobby of the hotel looking for us.

 He invites us to accompany him to dinner and after a few Hot Dogs, a few beers and sidrales, the blonde will let loose:

La Rubia (LR): I know you

 Luis Felipe Tovar LFT: Yes, you always seemed familiar to me: Did you make theater?

 LR: Yes, but I know you from the day Pepe Alonso came to see you in La Chunga, remember?

 LFT: If it was one of the most important days in my career, Ignacio Retes gave me my first theatrical protagonist to replace Alonso who had gone to  a mega production film and wanted to abort the project to take back my character from La Chunga.

 Retes told me that Jose Alonso wanted to return to the play and that he was coming to see me, so I was all nervous and had to do a great performance to convince Retes that I was the ideal To play a master and not the pimp of Alonso.

 At the end of the play, I realized that Alonso, standing in the front row, applauding furiously and that the sensational blonde that accompanied him to show off his gallant talent, sat with her face of bothered without applauding.

 LR: I was that blonde, do you remember?

 LFT: Of course I remember, Ignacio Retes accompanied you to the dressing room and that Alonso wished me the best in the work, it was he who validated my first starring that night.

 Indeed, in 1993, in the cycle of Theater Directors of La UNAM, at the University Theater Center “La Chunga” play directed by Ignacio Retes and starring the first actor José Alonso, who had just filmed ” La Tarea “and” El Bulto “consolidating as the first actor and the gallant of Mexico was presented.

There have been 20 performances when Alonso receives the offer to film The Black Legend of Bartolomé de las Casas as protagonist under the direction of Sergio Olhovic and with actors Claudio Brook and Germán Robles as support, so he decides to leave the Work of Vargas Llosa and perform as an evangelical priest

When the actor realizes that the movie would be a rotten tomato, he asks Ignacio Retes an opportunity to return to the role of Josefino, that cruel and ruthless Pimp who dreams of making a brothel with “La Chunga” (Madam) who wins him in a dice game Mercedes, the whore that  disappears that same day as his dreams of being the king of the pimps. The play was a national scandal because it was the first staging where two women kissed.

Tovar relates that Ignacio Retes confessed that Alonso asked him to return, but he conditioned him to see Luis Felipe Tovar, and if he considered that he did not give the width for the paper, he returned him the stardom.

Alonso accepted and to assert his quality of handsome star, he invited a blonde who earned him the looks and admiration of the respectable to contrast him from that novel and uncharismatic actor, his weight among the public, earned him the first applause and praise of the night , However while the work was going on, José Alonso realized that the work was perfect for that actor who was pushing hard along with a new generation of great actors who were not as gallant as him, the Bichir, the Damien, and Clear the unknown Luis Felipe Tovar. And Pepe Alonso decides to stay in his role as a monk

Perhaps the only thing that the blond blonde could not tell the actor was what she confessed to me:

 LF: Look ,Rodrigo, that the only thing I wanted to tell Luis Felipe is that he overacted his role in “La Chunga”.

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