A man was murdered in front of a kindergarden

A man was murdered in front of a kindergarden

Apr 27, 2017

Por Alejandro Cerecer and Alfredo Azcarate

While inside the educational institution the teachers kept the students busy with the Children’s Day, outside, in the middle of the street a man lied down bleeding to death, shot and murdered  a few minutes after 9 o’clock on Julian Carillo street in Colonia Nueva, Mexicali.

So far there aren’t any details but several police officers of different law enforcement corporations have sealed the area, waiting for the crime scene agents to lift the body, there were no affectations in the pre-school facilities and the children are safe.

Unofficial versions informed that the man had left his child in school and when he was getting on his vehicle, a car stopped next to him and one of the passengers shot the man who seemingly died instantly and his body was left lying next to his car, crime scene investigators from the State Attorney’s Office (PGJE in Spanish) sealed the area.

This murder could have been part of fights due to a rearrangement of organized crime within the State territory which might be an ongoing problem, which according to Perla Ibarra, State Justice Attorney of Baja California is a current problem all over Baja California.

The deceased has been identified as Felipe Salazar who worked in the Legal Office of the Police Department of Mexicali.

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