Alfredo del Mazo: Another cynical PRI member who chose to “forget”

Alfredo del Mazo: Another cynical PRI member who chose to “forget”

Apr 27, 2017



Amazing quality of surrealism and self praising skills showed Mexico State Gov. candidate, Alfredo del Mazo, he said that there’s nothing that could stain him as there is to do so on the other candidates and says that he has always been transparent and ethical . . . Could it be?

Another slap on the face of all Mexicans, who have seen as half a dozen (or so) of former Governors from the same partu as Del MAzo (PRI), who was good friends with Javier Duarte former Veracruz Gov, a few years ago, and now that Duarte is in jail he pretends to have never been even close to him.

Del Mazo seems to forget that his family has been part of the Atlacomulco Group, strong fearsome political clique that has a frightening story.

Bribery to MORENA (supposed “left wing” and “honest” party), a former PAN Governor behind bars (Guillermo Padrés from Sonora), Mexican politics is turning into a pigsty where almost nothing is clean, Mexico is going towards a ravine while the partisan elite enjoys million pesos financial aids and they accuse and attack each other to hypnotize the people.

All Mexican political parties are stained by corruption and disdain for the people that they “rule”, from Mexico State highways to the fake chemotherapy medicine in Veracruz, the water robbery to build private dams by Guilermo Padrés


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