Three fabulous tales about the PRI surrealistic mind

Three fabulous tales about the PRI surrealistic mind

Apr 27, 2017


In Mexico, surrealism and lack of shame and memory of the PRI (Institutional Revolution Party), are part of the folklore, a sample of what this country has been going through for more than a century, with a PAN (Right wing party) which wasn’t able to change the country as a lot of Mexicans expected, now we have three huge SURREALISTIC FABLES about the political party led by a guy named Enrique.

Humberto Moreira, former Governor of Coahuila, accused of money laundering and embezzlement, arrested in Spain for corruption and other felonies and exonerated by Mexican authorities has been ejected from the PRI because he wanted to be a candidate for Congress under another party’s colors, that’s PRI FABLE ONE.

PRI FABLE TWO is the absurd, surreal and even stupid statement of Luis Videgaray Secretary of the Treasure in the sense that President Peña Nieto convinced Donald Trump not to finish the Nafta trade agreement, which leaves a sour taste and an insult to the collective intelligence of Mexicans who haven’t been turned into morons by TELEVISA.

The words of Alfredo del Mazo Junior, prince candidate for Mexico State Governor saying he has always been ethical and transparent seem to be mocking all Mexicans and it is PRI FABLE THREE another sample of surrealism of these people who seem to forget how many former Governors from the PRI are in jail of fleeing justice.

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