Woman arrested trying to introduce heroin to jail for her son

Last weekend, a woman, who tried to introduce heroin to Tijuana penitentiary was arrested after the thorough search jail police authorities carry out on every visitor in the entrance check point of Tijuana Social Reinsertion Center (Cereso in Spanish), the saddest part of the story is that the woman was trying to do it for her son who is in jail and is addicted to the afore mentioned opiate.

The woman was on the visitors registration area when penitentiary police officres saw her behaving nercously and anxious, so she was asked to pass a high tech equipment search where they detected a cylindrical objeto inside her body which she gave to authorities and it turned out to be heroin, now she’s bound to be sentenced to a long period of time in prison.

She is the second woman arrested trying to introduce drugs to the Tijuana Cereso, the other one attempted to introduce crystal meth, both women had it condcealed inside their bodies and were detected thanks to state of the art tech equipment, trying to introduce drugs or any forbidden substammce to a jail or detention center is a felony and it implies a several year prison sentence.

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