Mexicali and Calexico strenghten relations and sign cooperation agreement

Mexicali and Calexico strenghten relations and sign cooperation agreement

Apr 29, 2017


The relationship between Mexico and the United States are going through a critical stage, Mexicali and Calexico are two cities that have lived together for over a hundred years with a relevant socio-economic interdependence, which is why it is important to strengthen the brotherhood and joint efforts of these two neighboring cities, which belong to two countries that must be close forever, said Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez, Mexicali Mayor.450.2

Sánchez Vásquez, hosted Calexico Mayor, Armando Real and they signed an agreement to reaffirm their commitment to work together mostly now that decisions made by President Trump regarding emigration and commerce which might affect the joint development of both communities.

The main objective of this agreement is to pay attention to issues related to commerce, culture, tourism, education, sports, social assistance, urban planning and administration and public safety in a bilateral commitment of great relevance for both cities that are facing the centralism of their Federal Governments that implies making decisions from a great distance by people who don’t always have thorough knowledge of the region’s needs and problems.

Calexico Mayor, Armando Real, emphasized the importance of keeping a stretch relation between both cities and thanked Mayor Sanchez the invitation and reassured that they will do everything to create bridges, which are what the region needs, in order to work together and not to build walls, which separate these two communities.

As part of Children’s Day celebrations and the event “Child public officer for a day 2017” organized by The Public Relations and Social Communication Direction of the City Government, Roger Gonzalez y Pablo de Anda children Mayors of Mexicali and Calexico also signed the agreement  in a symbolic manner as honor witnesses.

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