Mayor Gustavo Sanchez presents Municipal Development Plan for Mexicali


To work in a joint effort with all society’s sectors, such as industry, commerce, citizens and youth is the backbone of the Municipal Development Plan for Mexicali presented by Mayor Gustavo Sánchez last week which will become the guideline for his work the next three years in Mexicali, a challenge that he is confident to achieve.

The Municipal Development Plan is the guide and the theoretic basis of the work program by which Mayor Sanchez and his cabinet will face the implicit challenges for the best and fastest growth of Mexicali, a city that has diverse problems that need to be worked out and taken care of.

One of the main objectives is to foster the citizens’ participating process in the municipal development, since Mayor Vazquez is aware that all society’s sectors must take part in order to have a successful growth in all the matters regarding Mexicali’s growth, so there are six main guidelines which the City Administration has set as the main paths to follow towards a better Mexicali fro everyone.

Limit expenses
Maximize public servants’ quality
Foster citizens’ participation
Transparency and corruption combat
Redesign and dimension of public administration
Sanitize finances
Tracking and assessing results.
Impulse economic development

These six points set the profile of the path that Mexicali Government will follow the next two years and there is a priority in specific subjects, in order to define public policies clearly defining the route to accomplish objectives and goals proposed during the planning process.

Deveolpment of a growing city such as Mexicali, means a great challenge, with several unforeseen problems and matters that may be showing up along the way the next two years and seven months and Mayor Gustavo Sanchez must face several challenges, one of the most difficult is Public Safety or Security.

House burglary, street hold ups, stolen cars, bank clients robbed after retiring big amounts of money, violent crimes, drug dealing and other crimes are more and more common in a city that used to be calm, so Ulises Mendez, appointed Mexicali Public Security Director by Mayor Sanchez, and now they must focus all their energy to fight violence, crime and give tranquility back to Mexicali.

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