Aldir Bay: Ancestral natural wonder in danger

Aldir Bay: Ancestral natural wonder in danger

May 9, 2017


The salt plains of Aldir Bay and La Borrascosa at about 30 miles on the road from Santa Clara Gulf to Rocky Point in Sonora, Mexico, inlands belonging to Ejido Vicente Guerrero, are in danger due to the salt mining operation which was authorized in Hermosillo (Sonora capital) without the consent or knowledge of the Ejido members.SALINAS 2

SALINAS 4The Ejido members were planning an eco-tourism and cultural-scientific development where Universities from California and Arizona already make field trips to study fossils, plants and animals as well as medicinal plants, an area which in the ancestral times of the Tohono people, was called the Desert Pharmacy, a natural hospital of sorts.

SALINAS 6The salt ceremonies of the Tohono Odham are part of the “use and custom” (ethnic traditions) and Julian Rivera and his sister Ofelia, brother and sister, carry the torch of this salt walk ceremony and the spiritual meanings that they have for the Tohono, join their voices to the Ejido members of Vicente Guerrero to demand a halt to the exploitation of the salt in La Borrascosa, where they have celebrated their ancestral ceremonies for hundreds of years.SALINAS 3

There are lawyers and anthropologists studying the case and doing all the paperwork to take this matter to the courts of Hermosillo, said Julián and Ofelia Rivera, whose family intends to maintain this tradition alive, since it is of utmost relevance to their nation.

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