Mexicali reporters demonstrate against journalists’ murders

Mexicali reporters demonstrate against journalists’ murders

May 17, 2017


Reporters and photographers from Mexicali, from several media outlets and journalistic tendencies gathered in the State’s Three Branch Square to protest against the death of two journalists Monday 15th in Sinaloa and Jalisco where Javier Valdez and Jonathan Rodríguez were assassinated, a Black Monday for Mexican journalism and the whole country.

The deaths of journalists by murder and disappearing, have turned Mexico in the most dangerous country for people with such a job, maybe only Syria and Afghanistan may be worse, since they are waging a civil war, there are no guarantees for those who work as journalists in Mexico, a country where anarchy gains ground in all senses.

Sergio Haro, form Zeta Weekly, read a press release in front of a group of reporters and photographers to point out that “there are no suspects detained or arrested for the six journalists murdered so far this year” and he rejected the “self-censorship” of those who refrain from writing certain issues and matters since that solves nothing and it only means for the reporter to become accomplice of what all that is happening.

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