“Retail-Narco” spreads throughout the Mexicali Valley

“Retail-Narco” spreads throughout the Mexicali Valley

May 25, 2017

“The Mexicali Valley suffers from problems of public insecurity and addiction to drugs, which are even more affected by the lack of economic resources to improve the conditions of the police system”, said the president of the Agricultural Council of Baja California (CABC).

Judith Méndez said that if it is difficult to maintain security within the city , where there is a significant population concentration, in rural zones it is a lot more complicated, since police stations are far away from these areas, and law enforcement service is limited because there are only a few patrol cars.

The distance between the farms makes access more difficult, so farmers are subject to theft of wells and wiring, “if people suffer from insecurity in the city, in rural communities the problem is much worse.”

In addition, she added, “there is a serious problem of drug addiction; what we see is that there is drug dealers have spread all over the Valley of Mexicali,  including rural areas where these “Tienditas” (little shops), have started to pop-up everywhere”.

“This situation has also led to violence since there are no educational or recreational centers for young people. So, in order to get more education they have to move to Mexicali or to San Luis Rio Colorado, and they don’t even have proper transportation services to get there either.”

This way, drug addiction invades these communities, and it is a vicious circle, where “social disintegration” can be seen everywhere, and this disintegration of families is a serious problem for our society.”

This “social decomposition” also affects the local economy.

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