Bus accident kills 2, injures 41 in Baja California

Bus accident kills 2, injures 41 in Baja California

May 31, 2017

The second fatal bus accident in a week has taken the lives of two students in Baja California Sur.

Just days after a Chiapas crash that killed 17 people, a bus carrying students from a teacher training college in Tijuana went off the Transpeninsular Highway yesterday afternoon in Mulegé.

One student was killed and 42 were injured, one of whom died today in a La Paz hospital.

The latest reports indicate that the vehicle’s brakes failed, causing it to strike another vehicle and leave the road, falling into a ravine.

The accident occurred on a stretch of the highway known as La Cuesta del Infierno, or Hill from Hell, about 15 kilometers from Santa Rosalía.

The students were traveling from the Escuela Normal Fronteriza in Tijuana to attend a sports and cultural event with their counterparts at another school in La Paz.

Bus accident kills 2, injures 41 in Baja California (Photo: MND)

Of the 42 injured, eight were reported in serious condition early this morning after being transferred to La Paz.

Faulty brakes have been suspected in a number of accidents in the past few weeks.

In one case last Sunday, a serious accident was avoided after Federal Police on the Mexico City-Puebla freeway observed a tractor-trailer gaining speed while smoke poured from its rear tires.

After the driver indicated with hand signals that he had no brakes, the police escorted the truck to a runaway ramp 10 kilometers away.

By using emergency equipment the police were able to prevent a collision by warning away three other vehicles — a truck carrying tanks of gas, a double-semi and a bus full of tourists.

The tractor-trailer without brakes hit the runaway ramp at 160 kilometers an hour and rolled over before coming to a stop surrounded by some of its cargo, 15 tonnes of paper.

The driver crawled from the cab unhurt.

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