Mayor and Police Chief reject military surveillance in Mexicali streets

Mayor and Police Chief reject military surveillance in Mexicali streets

Jun 13, 2017


IN response to local entrepreneurs that have suggested that the Army must do surveillance tasks in Mexicali streets, Mayor Gustavo Sanchez said that he doesn’t agree with such a measure: “I have been clear regarding that matter, I don’t agree that the Army should be in charge of the city surveillance, which corresponds to Police Civil Authorities”.

He also said that he thinks that coordination between civil and military authorities is very important when it comes to fight high impact crime, but the street surveillance per se, must correspond, as always has been, to the City Police force.

“It is important to determine which city we are talking about or the circumstances which could justify the presence of the armed forces on the streets”, said Mexicali Public Security Director, Ulises Mendez and he said that: “specifically in Mexicali, we work with them in special coordinated and joint operations and but only for very punctual and special situations”.

HE also said that the Army doesn’t do public security tasks, they are simply back up and support, and they together have a very efficient information exchange and that he believes that Mexicali institutions are strong enough and civil authorities can work coordinated and supported by the Mexican Armed Forces in certain operations.

Last, he said that Mexicali is capable enough to improve the safety of the citizens without making it necessary for the Army to intervene and survey the streets as some entrepreneurs and big merchants from Mexicali have suggested.

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