Collective show in Mexicali City Gallery celebrating 39 years of art and life

Men or clowns?
Rodrigo Soto/The Baja Post


More de 200 paintings had to be seen, to select 102 pieces of art that exspress the art trends of this prolific city in arts, a multicolored number of paintings, picture, ceramic figures, masks, newspaper collages, movementes, figures, silhoutes to celñbrete the 39th anniversary of the friendliest temple of art in Mexicali, , The City Galery, that is ubicated in Alvaro Obregon   #1209 near to the border.
It took a great exercise to select the 102 pieces that show the most representative artist in Mexicali and yet the collection is so big, it needs more than two visits to see all that is shown, of known and emerging artist the are creating a new generation of the contemporary artist.

This exposition: Three stories

Painting as a form of Liberty

Luis Alberto Saldaña, Liberty, exposed the biggest piece, 210 por 190, of a white dove rounded on fire that was part of an scenery of a theatrical Play in prison, Luis Alberto, did while he was in prison and the painting represents hes eagerness of liberty, he used a lot of whites and blacks to create greys which he say he made more tan sixteen. Alberto started painting while being imprisoned  and recognized art as a form to rehabilitated and as cure because using colors made him  feel the energy that keeps you on going to see the light.

The testimony of the  Resistance: Selene Nevárez Estrada

A young photographer that live the most amazing episode of the civil resistance of Mexicali against federal taxes and state laws, that happened the 30th of January of 2017, Selene was part of the person that shoot the heroic act of a Zapotec indigenous known as Don Raymundo, who confronted the anti-riot police unit of the state policies and Ministerial Police that were ready to break  up the camps of the protesters, asking them not to use violence against this Pacific movement.
Selene captures the moment and lived the moment as a participant of the camps.

New generation of women Artist: Cristina Schin

With two pieces, Cristina filled a wall of the Galerie,  synthesis an abstract of a  feminine figure and a paper mask of the anguished moment that nature is living were the picks of the curator.
Cristina a graduate from the School of Arts of The University of Baja is a young artist that thinks of herself as a woman in fullness, independent and auto-sufficient to navigate the Periplus to make a living out of art, trying to find galleries and prestige for her works, that’s the way emerging artist are bursting the art scene.


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