One of the biggest forest fires of the last few years affects Baja California


A big forest fire affects the Juarez Mountain Rage and it started in Janatay Canyon in Baja California, it broke out July 26th and it is focused on protecting the tree área and the 1857 Constitution National Park, a fire that has affected 18 thousand hectares (more than 40 thousand acres) but only 600 acres are of adult trees, around 17 thousand are grassy meadows and around 25 thousand acres are bushy ecosystems.

The forecast regarding the fire is that it will continue forward due to extreme weather conditions in the mountain range area, with temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winds up to 20 miles an hour and low humidity besides an accumulation of highly combustive plants, the fire is affecting a complex topography so combating the fire has become ever more difficult.
There are 118 people fighting the fire, 58 are forest firefighting brigade and technical staff from National Forest Commission (CONAFOR in Spanish) from Baja California, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Puebla y Tamaulipas; 30 elements of the National Defense Secretary (SEDENA), 20 Rural Brigades, 5 from Civil Protection of Baja California, as well as personnel form the Commission of Protected Natural Areas and Tijuana firefighters.
The State Manager of CONAFOR, Sergio Avitia Nalda, said that this is one of the biggest forest fires of the last years in Baja California so he asked authorities to send more human resources and equipment to confront and fight the fire.


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