Congressman Jorge Eugenio Núñez Lozano met with former President of Colombia Álvaro Uribe

Jorge Núñez se reune con Álvaro Uribe (Foto: Dip. Jorge Nuñez XXV Legislatura)

As President of the Congressional Economic Development and Binational Trade Commission of the State Congress, representative Jorge Eugenio Núñez Lozano had the opportunity to meet with the former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, with whom he discussed and agreed on security issues.

“I agree that national security policies, as well as local ones, are and should be a duty towards strict compliance with laws and the appropriate reforms that guarantee security for the citizens and their families, instead of policies of merciless war against cartels and criminal groups ” said the legislator for the Baja California Party (PBC).

Jorge Núñez se reune con Álvaro Uribe (Foto: Dip. Jorge Nuñez / XXII Legislatura BC / PBC)

Following the recent visit to Tijuana by former President Álvaro Uribe, who participated as a special guest at the Tenth Latin American Cluster Congress, where he shared his experience as Colombia’s president, a country that, despite its history of violence and drug trafficking, has managed to consolidate its economy.

In that sense, Núñez Lozano considered that it is fundamental to be open to dialogue and exchange of ideas, so he stressed the importance of being able to broaden the visions, and at the same time, being sensitive to the great social problems, that allow to act in a responsible way for the benefit of our society.


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