Mexicali: 278 outstanding warrants complimented during June

Mexicali: 278 outstanding warrants complimented during June

Jul 5, 2017

In June there were 278 outstanding and new warrants were complimented in Mexicali in a joint effort between the General State Attorney’s Office; Mexicali Police Department, State Direction of Public Security and federal corporations, as part of the “State Security Crusade”, the job is to detain people with outstanding warrants and the efforts have been doubled by police corporations to ensure the success of this crusade, launched by Governor Kiko Vega a few days ago.

Operatives have been deployed all over Mexicali County, within the urban and rural areas, accomplishing the primary aim which is to diminish the crime occurrence according to the State Vice attorney General, Fernando Ramirez Amador who informed ha there have been 63 orders from the traditional justice system and the rest correspond to the oral system.
Theft 51, Grand Theft auto 42, East 20, West 49, Sex offenses 4 massive cause trials 7 y Patrimonial crimes 8, Mexicali Valley the detained are as follows: Ciudad Morelos 12, Guadalupe Victoria (Km 43) 15 and San Felipe 7, Ramirez Amador said that the detained are at the Judges and Courts which required them.

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