Baja California needs to give special attention to tourists: Congressman Nuñez

Baja California needs to give special attention to tourists: Congressman Nuñez

Jul 10, 2017

It is necessary to create a Tourism Attention Program this summer vacation season, in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable stay in Baja California, which may enable them for a safe and happy return as well as the will to come back to the State, said Congressman Jorge Nuñez Lozano (PEBC) and invited the Mayors of Rosarito, Mirna Rincón Vargas, and Ensenada, Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, as well as the tourism Secretary of Baja California, Óscar Escobedo Carignan.

He said that each Summer, Baja California receives thousands of tourists who generate a millionaire economic spread so the State must provide attractive conditions for the visitors, so they have a pleasant and safe stay so coordination mechanisms are necessary among State institutions so they can take actions to do so, and those authorities should submit a report at the end of the Summer vacation period.

He said that there are six fundamental areas to pay attention to: Highway safety, accident prevention, avoiding heavy traffic in access and exits of towns and cities, keep Law Enforcement organizations to inhibit crime, foster gastronomic and touristic local services.

Other points to improve are public transportation as well as deposits and trash cans strategically located to avoid highway and road contamination, an example, said Nuñez, to enter Ensenada the tourists have to wait as long as 40 minutes which causes the tourists to feel disgusted and there’s the risk to make that destination less appealing to the visitors.

Nunez is the President of the Economic Development and Binational Commerce of Baja California Legislative Branch, read his proposal and it was voted and approved unanimously by other legislators:

Carlos Torres Torres (PAN) from Tijuana, María Trinidad Vaca (PAN) from Mexicali, Rocío López Gorosave (PRD) from Ensenada, Alejandro Ibarra Arregui (PRI) from Ensenada, Luis Moreno Hernán from (PES), and Job Montoya Gaxiola (MC).

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