Congressman Tolento delivers eyeglasses and mercury lamps

Congressman Tolento delivers eyeglasses and mercury lamps

Jul 10, 2017

Seeking to offer better life quality and vision to the Sixth District residents, Congressman Sergio Tolento Hernandez delivered free eyeglasses in Portales III, a neighborhood located on the southern section of Mexicali as part of his permanent program of Eyesight exam and Eyeglasses Delivery.

Before a considerable amount of attendants to the event, Tolento said that for him it is of the utmost relevance to serve the citizens and that is why he is constantly visiting all over his District and he mentioned that the eyeglass delivery was possible thanks to Chimalitquic Association, which is led by Professor Daniel Suarez Perez, in a joint effort that has enabled Congressman Tolento top deliver about one thousand 400 people with this program.

For Congressman Tolento the most important thing is to be able to serve the citizens, so he is constantly surveying all the VI District in order to accomplish the commitments he made during his campaign and he also talked with Portales II residents where, a few weeks ago, the neighbors had asked him to do something with the community park lights and Tolento lobbied so there were mercurial lamps installed which will allow children and youth to use the facilities with proper illumination.


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