Four migrants lost in the desert rescued by Mexicali’s Beta Group

Four migrants lost in the desert rescued by Mexicali’s Beta Group

Jul 13, 2017

“In two different interventions, the Beta Group rescue team rescued two migrant couples who were lost in the desert after several days of travel, in fact one of the rescued women was unconscious, but by the prompt intervention the four people are already receiving medical attention”, said the delegate of the National Institute of Migration, Rodulfo Figueroa Pacheco.

The federal official explained that at 5:40 pm on Tuesday, July 11, a C-4 emergency call was received from a migrant who asked for help stating that he was lost in the desert in his attempt to cross to the United States.

With few data to be able to be located, the rescuers went to the desert to try to locate the couple who requested help. Being during the search the rescue team found the Jacinto Isidro brothers instead, who were exposed to temperature of 43° degrees Celsius (110° F).

After corroborating the health status of the siblings, who showed signs of mild dehydration and vomiting, rescuers corroborated the information with the C-4 to determine if they were the couple who had requested help, and fond out they did not make the call.

The Jacinto Isidro brothers were taken to the COBINA Hostel in Mexicali where they received medical attention and a place to rest.

“This is about putting our house in order,” said Rodulfo Figueroa, Mexico’s top immigration official in Baja California state (Photo: Google)

The INM delegate commented that at approximately 7:30 pm on Tuesday 11, the search operation continued for the couple who had originally made the mergencya call, and minutes later, the Beta Group unit that was touring the western zone of Mexicali, located Florentino Moreno and Jovita Galves, both from Metlatonoc, Guerrero and who had been wandering in the desert for 5 days.

At first sight, the man was apparent.y in good physical and mental condition, but the woman was unconscious and suffering from convulsions, she was not responding to verbal stimuli. The team applied water and oral glucose to both victims, and then transferred them in an ambulance of the Mexican Red Cross to the General Hospital of Mexicali.


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