Mexicali police officers stop man from commiting suicide

Mexicali police officers stop man from commiting suicide

Jul 13, 2017

Thanks to agents of the Mexicali Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), a suicide attempt was prevented in the early morning hours of Wednesday July 12.

At 1:38 hours, during a routine surveillance tour, supervisor Galindo of the Rivera Campestre Police Station noticed the presence of a subject in a suspicious attitude, the man was standing right on the edge of the guardrail at the crossing overpass of the San Felipe and Héctor Terán Terán crossing.

Suicide attempt in Mexicali (El Mexicano)

Thanks to the convincing work of the police officers, it was possible to prevent the man from jumping off the bridge. This individual called himself César Alberto “N”, he stated he was 34 years old, and did not have a place to live.

With the support of agents Aguilar and Toquero, techniques were applied to place him under guard in a safe area, after successfully frustrating the suicide attempt.

When being transferred to the facilities of the González Ortega subcommandancia, the man was diagnosed intoxicated by substances. The subject was secured for his own safety in the East Command (Comandancia Oriente).


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