Alleged Mexican Mafia member arrested in Rosarito

During a surveillance operation by the Preventive State Police, in Rosarito, Baja California, an alleged member of the Mexican Mafia was arrested in possession of a nine millimeter handgun and live ammunition, according to a press release of the State Security Secretary.

It was in Predios Urbanos Rosarito section where state police officers detected a Durango truck that was obstructing traffic, so they descended the patrol car and asked the person on the driver’s seat if there was a problem, the suspect reacted nervously so the officers frisked him and didn’t find anything on him but inside the car there was a 9 millimeter gun with a magazine with ammunition.

The man was immediately arrested and was taken to the competent authorities who will decide about his legal situation, the surveillance and prevention State Police operatives will go on to guarantee safety and tranquility to Rosarito residents and tourists, the Secretary of Public Security invited the citizens to report any illegal activities by dialing 911 or 089.

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