Venezuela: Two opposing ballots, two adverse points of view

Venezuela: Two opposing ballots, two adverse points of view

Jul 16, 2017

The opposition to Nicolas Maduro and the so called “Chavismo” are two factions that have Venezuela on the brink of civil war and this Sunday they are going through a real hard test which is the two probe processes to find out what the Venezuelans think about Maduro, which might provoke violent reactions between two utterly opposed points of view.

Venezuela situation is real hard, much has been said about Maduro but the USA are more concerned in economic blockade to weaken Maduro, than the real welfare of the Venezuelans, the main target is Maduro and throwing him down.

Opposition and Maduro supporters face each other voting in two different ballots, one is called “survey” by the opposition and the other one, advocated by the “Chavistas”, is an alleged “drill” for the upcoming elections which will take place in two weeks.

Venezuela Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino, informed that the Constituent Assembly election drill, while opposition is leading a popular survey to inquire if they support the process are developing in calm but with a few violent episodes.

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