Former Governor Duarte and his circus have arrived to Northern Penitentiary

Former Governor Duarte and his circus have arrived to Northern Penitentiary

Jul 17, 2017


Bread and circus, that is what Romans gave to the people but PRI and PAN (duopolic partisan partenrship in Mexico) and other Government entities give us too much circus ande very little bread, as the case of Javier Duarte, former Veracruz Governor whose arrest was announced in a very soectacular manner by Ptresdident Peña, who didn’t think that Duarte, had been a PRI “disntingushed” member and to talk about his corrupt ways is to talk about the corruption and rotten core of the PRI, Duarte is the alleged intelectual murderer of several journalists and many other Veracruz citizens, milliuons of pesos public funds embezzlement, summarizing, his Administration as Veracruz Governor was depredation and robbery, fear and death, a living hell for the Veracruz people.
Duarte arrived to North Pentitentiary in Mexico City, and he we will be arraigned befiore the Tenth District Judge of the Penal Accusatory System, he had landed around noon in Terminal Two of Mexico City International Airport and taken to the General Republic Attorney (PGR in Spanish).
Duarte was extradited from Guatemala where he was located by Interpol and put to jail two months ago, he will appear before a Mexican Judge for the first time in a couple of days, he was taken from the hangar to the North Penitentiary by PGR personnel and under severe security measures escorted by a ten car convoy.


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