He took justice in his own hands, now he will do 25 years in jail

He took justice in his own hands, now he will do 25 years in jail

Jul 21, 2017


Desperation and lack of trust in the Law Enforcement authorities, provoked that three people tortured and beat an alleged house robber to death and cause severe injuries to his alleged accomplice is two of the three men who attacked the suspect criminals were sentenced to 25 years and 13 years respectively while there is no mention about the third attacker, according to Baja California State Attorney Office information.

One of them, identified by the Attorney’s office as ALEJANDRO “N” took justice in his own hands that is why he will do 25 years in prison for qualified homicide and aggravated assault, against Francisco Javier Alonso Velarde and José Gerardo Moreno, the first one is the dead victim, everything happened in  Ciudad Morelos, Mexicali Valley.

ALEJANDRO and two other people blamed Francisco and Gerardo for breaking an entry into ALEJANDRO’s father and violently robbed him so he and two other men looked for the alleged robbers and found Gerardo, took him to a house where they tortured and beat him until he admitted his guilt and revealed his accomplice name and whereabouts.

As soon as they found Francisco Javier they bet unconscious both men and abandoned them in an empty lot in a community called La Panga, Francisco had severe injuries in face and skull and died shortly after that.

While ALEJANDRO was sentenced to 25 years in prison, his alleged accomplice, Raul Roman, after a process that is technically known as abbreviated trial, was sentenced to 13 years, this a regretful matter, sad end for two men who thought it would be easy to take justice in their own hands, driven by rage and desperation they wound up as homicides and locked up for a lot of time, this must become a “wake up call” for police authorities and the Oral Justice System to try to do a better job.

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