CETYS University fosters Aerospace Cluster

For about five decades the Aerospace Cluster in Baja California has been growing and positioning itself as one of the most relevant nationwide and through that time, CETYS University has contributed with the academic formation of professionals who can develop in this important area, according to Dr Miguel Salinas Yáñez, coordinator of engineering Curricula of CETYS during Mexico Aerospace Fair (PAMEX in Spanish) 2017.

“CETYS has been offering a graduate school program related to aerospace for more than ten years, which has been used by the main companies of the sector in Baja California as a means of specialization of its engineers, and for 55 years the graduates form the Engineering School have been providing the industry with excellent human resources”, said Salinas.

In Baja California there exists a regional ecosystem that combines specialized knowledge, business opportunities and a value chain which the global actors have marked these region as a development and innovation pole and CETYS has contributed in an important manner in the formation of human assets placing the region as the most productive platform, said Salinas.

CETYS has attended the FAMEX for the past five years and participated in a very active way in the most recent edition it took part in a panel with three other Universities: National Polytechnic Institute, Nuevo Leon Autonomous University and the Aeronautics University of Queretaro, since CETYS is member of the Aerospace Education Mexican Council (COMEA in Spanish) which is the organism that groups the colleges that include aerospace engineering in their curricular programs.

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