Transportation entrepreneurs reiterate subsidy request to Governor Kiko Vega

Transportation entrepreneurs reiterate subsidy request to Governor Kiko Vega

Jul 26, 2017

It was on Thursday July 20th that we learned that Governor Kiko Vega was rejecting our request of a subsidy for Mexicali public transportation” said Rafael Naranjo spokesman of the several companies that serve Mexicali with transportation and explained that they had asked Mr. Vega to subsidize them (and the users) since the Federal Government communicated them that there would be 852 million pesos refund for Baja California from the Special Tax on Products and Services and they thought the State Government could take from those funds an amount to subsidized the city public transportation.

He also said that their situation is getting critical and they could break down any time now, which would have a negative impact on the quality of the service, “the transportation people are trying that this crisis we are going thru doesn’t affect the users and hundreds of families, workers and passengers who will be benefitted if we could solve this crisis”.

Naranjo invited the Sayed Executive Branch, headed by Governor Vega, to make a big effort in order to save the passengers and public transportation users and workers from a bigger problem and he said: “We would expect Mr. Vega to do as Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich and subsidize the public transportation”.

Finally, Naranjo said that the affectations caused by the crisis in this sectors, created by a false expectation of an Energetic Reform that provoked fuel price raises (opposite to what President Peña had promised) has generated one of the worst social crisis in this and many other sectors and there could even be buses impounded by banks and financial institutions as soon as this week.

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