UABC participates in the organization of Mexico Science Clubs

UABC participates in the organization of Mexico Science Clubs

Aug 1, 2017


The University Autonomous of Baja California participates actively in the fifth edition of the Science Clubs Mexico, a civil organizations with no profit objective, which has the mission to expand the Access to scientific education of the highest quality and to inspire future generations of scientists and innovators of Mexico.

There are about 140 Baja Californian high school and college students attending this event, all between 17 and 24 years old who share an interest for a science or technological career or just feel curiosity for the diverse subjects that will be part of the conferences and workshops, such as: Climate change, reef ecology, cancer therapies, engineering applications, environmental science and technology sensorial expansion and bioinformatics.

Among the researchers will be: Professor Cesar Alberto Liera Grijalva, from the Oceanographic Research Institute; grade school student Jesus David Rojas Mendez from the Engineering Architecture and Designs School; both from Ensenada Campus, and there are several UABC “Longhorn Ram”  students who register in order to reinforce their knowledge and set out future collaborations.

As a representative from the UABC Doctor Carlos Marquez Becerra from the Science School, is participating as main support and liaison with the University.

The Science Clubs surged in 2013 in Boston, where a group of Mexican scientists visualized the possibility to support the science development in Mexico from overseas and it currently has presence in six cities.

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