Ensenada beach closed due to sewage spill

Municipal authorities have decreed the precautionary closure of the Conalep beach in Ensenada, after a spill of sewage that is out of control and puts at risk the health of locals and visitors.

The head of the Municipal Civil Protection Directorate, Jaime Nieto de María y Campos, said that the precautionary closing measure of Playa Conalep and two kilometers of beach to the south, comes as a result of a spill of sewage.

“The amount of sewage that reached the sea is considerable, therefore, a precautionary closure of this beach was ordered the health authorities, in order to prevent deseases and determine the level of damage,” Nieto de María said.

Ensenada beach (Photo: archive / La Voz de la Frontera)

The municipal official emphasized that local authorities in coordination with the aquatic brigade of the Fire Department of Ensenada placed the red flags in the strip of the beach where the contamination situation took place.

He made a call to citizens not to enter the sea in this area until the authorities determine it is suitable for recreational use.

Jaime Nieto pointed out that as a result of this leakage of sewage three homes were damaged, one of which is considered serious.

He added that the work is involving personnel of the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment and the Federal Maritime Land Zone as well as the State Commission of Public Services of Ensenada.

Source: http://www.informador.com.mx/

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