First “Credit and Economic Supports Fair 2017” promoted by Mexicali City Hall

Mexicali BC August 24, 2017.- With the purpose of promoting productive activities of microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the Mexicali Valley and the Port of San Felipe, a press conference was held to present the First “Credit and Economic Supports Fair 2017 “organized by the 22nd Municipality of Mexicali through the Economic Development Coordination to be held on  September 5, 6 and 7.

The Mayor of Mexicali, Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, reported that this Fair seeks to encourage entrepreneurs and support small businesses through access to credits and training plans, as well as a series of instruments through which they can start-up a business or support small businesses that are already running.

He emphasized that the particularity of this fair is that it is aimed at the inhabitants of the Mexicali Valley and the Port of San Felipe, in order to grant the citizens the possibility of access to economic supports and credits with very low interest rates.

Sánchez Vásquez indicated that this Fair will be held on Tuesday, September 5 at the Community Development Center of San Felipe, the next will be held on September 6 in the Morales Civic Hall and the last will be held on September 7 in The Center for Integral Human Development of the Guadalupe Victoria Delegation, from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

Economic Development Coordinator Jose Luis Gonzalez Canales said that just over 21% of the companies in the city are located in the Mexicali Valley, which is why the fair was designed in coordination with 11 credit institutions and supporters for small producers , entrepreneurs and productive companies that will be assisting the applicants, offering loans from 10 thousand to 3 and a half million pesos, with interest rates between 6% and 11%.

He also mentioned that talks, conferences and consulting work will be carried out too, for each of the participating institutions. An average of 300 people is expected in each of the venues.

The participating institutions and government agencies are: the Ministry of Economic Development of the State (SEDECO), the Secretary of Social Development, the Secretariat of Agricultural Development, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Tourism, National Development Finance, the Secretariat of Federal Economy, The National Social Economy Institute, Banco Santander and three technical assistance agencies, including the Baja California Institute of Youth, the Cimarrones UABC and Mayorquin incubators.

Alfredo Babun Villarreal, Undersecretary for Economic Development and other government officials were present at the event.

Press release issued by the Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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