The problem of human trafficking continues in Tijuana and Mexicali

The problem of human trafficking continues in Tijuana and Mexicali

Sep 25, 2017

“During 2017, only 14 cases for the crime of human trafficking in its different forms have been reported in Baja California, according to the records of the investigating authorities”, said the director of the Binational Red Hearts Foundation (Fundación Red Binacional de Corazones AC), Alma Tucker.

In the framework of the International Day Against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children September 23rd, (Día Internacional Contra la Explotación Sexual y el Tráfico de Mujeres, Niños y Niñas) it was revealed that the UN elaborated a national diagnosis on the situation of human trafficking in Mexico, placing Tijuana and Mexicali under the spotlight regarding this problem.

In a press release, she expressed the discontent of civil associations, such as the one she leads, in the absence of a clear strategy to reduce and eradicate Sexual Exploitation and People Trafficking, ensuring that there is a lack of budget and political will to address the issue.

In a period of time between 2011 and 2017, a total of 262 cases have been registered in the state of Baja California.
Although the General Law to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Trafficking in Persons was instituted in Baja California back in 2011, for the protection and assistance to victims of these crimes , it has not generated the expected impact.

Tucker underlined that active campaigns are needed both for the location of victims and for prevention of these crimes, such as in 2012, when the City of Tijuana conducted a large campaign that was able to release a total of 100 victims.

The activist said that this problem continues and it is necessary to raise awareness among authorities of the three orders of government along with the civil society, on the negative consequences that this crime brings, such as the separation of families, and the total destruction of the victim’s lives.

Alma Tucker made a call to the authorities to address the problem, and come up with solutions.


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