Crisis in Morelos after the earthquake, Governor Graco retains humanitarian aid

Crisis in Morelos after the earthquake, Governor Graco retains humanitarian aid

Sep 28, 2017

Interview with ANIMAL POLITICO Vice Director, Francisco Sandoval

Time is running, construction license administration has been exposed in Mexico City, Mexicans have set the pace and shown the world they can help each other, but they seem to assume this attitude only in times of big need (as this earthquake) but the situation in Morelos have exposed not only Governor Graco Ramirez, but most of Mexican politicians are trying to “make their day”, closing their eyes to the people’s suffering and pain, where they place their interests and political survival before rescuing victims and death prevention, once again the civil society has overcome the Government.

The casualty figures in Mexico City are close to 200 dead, and a civil society which has overpassed authorities regarding rescue labors and supporting the affected by the earthquake, Mexico has another rude awakening to reality after being used to live with the limitations its own Government imposes them, the 7.1 earthquake that stroke CdMx exposes corruption and irregular situations regarding construction and other pitiful corruption samples such as Morelos Governor Graco Ramirez who collects other sates’ help to deliver it as it were his own, trying to gain “political face”, so communities as Jojutla (in big need) haven’t been able to receive help and support.

“Last week we were in Jojutla and saw a couple of thousands of  damaged houses and three hundred of them utterly collapsed, several of them were very old constructions, their house fell down over them in a material sense, thousands of Morelos residents, mostly in Jojutla, a lot of people from Michoacán and Mexico States arrive there trying to help, but the aid sometimes doesn’t get there”, said Francisco Sandoval, Vice director of ANIMAL POLITICO one of Mexico’s most important mass media outlets.

We were in Jojutla the 20th (the day after the earthquake) and saw rivers of people arriving there to help, there are many nearby towns where help didn’t arrive, and a confrontation among political groups and a big hatred between the State University Dean and the Bishop against Governor Graco, and there are accusations against him of being concentrating and hiding the help that people send”, said Sandoval.

Due to this, he explained, people try to get to the affected directly and they are arriving in big caravans or convoys in an extraordinary situation where the people have done much more than a Government that deems this tragedy an excellent opportunity to “grow politically” and which also exposes irregular almost criminal situations in Mexico City as a building filled with sweat shops in the street corner of Bolivar and Chimalpopoca, which had already been big bad news in the wake of 1985 CdMx earthquake.

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