New Mexican Software will help in the rescue of people

New Zealand

According to El Universal locating and rescuing people in disaster areas could be more effective thanks to the “Solity” software developed by Mexican scientist Israel Reyes Gomez.

In its website, the software is described as a platform that “supports disaster, data breach, and general incident response plans as well as business continuity planning.”

Therefore, “Solity” would allow authorities to know the number of people who were actually inside a building before, during and after it collapses during an earthquake, hurricane or terrorist attack.

Reyes Gomez said that according to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Risk Report, the world could witness further natural disasters as well as terrorist attacks in the near future.

(Image: El Universal)

The Mexican scientist explained that this software works with mobile devices allowing to detect the precise location of a person in a building via Global Positioning System (GPS).

In addition, the software sends a “safe and sound” alert to the authorities so they can carry out contingency and rescue plans in real time.

With this technology, already applied in New Zealand, it could be observed to which area the population heads for, at the exact moment of a tremor or a hurricane.

Scientist Israel Reyes Gomez said that at the moment he is improving “Solity” software with the help of students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), in addition to that, they also hold talks with the Federal Government for its implementation in Mexico.

The Mexican Scientist is nominated for the 2017 National Science Award as a result of the “Solity” development.

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