Over 13,000 teenage mothers live in Baja California: INEGI

Over 13,000 teenage mothers live in Baja California: INEGI

Oct 5, 2017

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- Baja California estimates a population of at least 13,000 teenage mothers in the state, according to data released by “Prevention of teenage pregnancy” (“Prevención del embarazo en adolescentes“), during a workshop organized by the State Educational System (Sistema Educativo Estatal SEE).

Claudia García Valdez, head of Continuing Training Teachers Coordination (on behalf of Ricardo Rodríguez Jacobo, state coordinator), reported the most recent data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

According to INEGI’s 2015 figures, one in three women in Mexico between the ages of 15 and 19 has at least one child, some of them already have two, and according to this agency the number is increasing.

In Baja California, according to the statistics of 2014, there are about 13 thousand teenage mothers. “This is going to change though, because the adolescent population is also growing,” García Valdez said, adding that they would have to review the current official censuses in order to update this information.

Calculan en Baja California 13 mil madres adolescentes (Notimex)

In relation to the causes, the official said that these depend on many different factors, such as the family type, social position, media interests, internet access and education level, just to name a few.

“The responsibility of the parents is also a fundamental element to consider. The adolescent needs to reflect on his/her actions, but the parents´guidance is basic. They need to talk with their sons and daughters about sexual education, not just about the act of sexual intercourse, but every aspect of their emotional and sexual lives, everything is linked”, declared García Valdez.

The workshop was led by the sexologist Enrique Cerón Anaya and was addressed to school teachers, principals and supervisors of the State Educational System (SEE) in the Valley of San Quintin.

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