At the gates of 2018 Electoral Process Clemente Custodio takes over IEEBC

At the gates of 2018 Electoral Process Clemente Custodio takes over IEEBC

Oct 10, 2017

The year 2018 (President election in Mexico) challenge is huge for electoral authorities, in Baja California the challenge is for a new Baja California State Electoral Institute (IEEBC) President in a renewal that has become necessary since the resignation of Javier Garay due to familiar and personal reasons.

Friday October sixth, during the XIII Extraoridary Session of the General Council, the new President of the State Electoral Collegiate of Baja California, Clemente Custodio Ramos Mendoza, in a solemn ceremony which took place in the General Council Session Hall of the Institute, the new President said that he likes teamwork and pledged to follow the mandatory principles of the electoral organism.

He invited the Council members to a team work effort searching for agreements through a path of unity which might allow transparency and gain the people’s trust, Ramos Mendoza will remain in office until September 3rd of 2022.

The honor guests attending the ceremony were: the President of Baja California Justice Court, Martín Ríos Garay; Verónica Villegas Coordinator of the Law Undersecretary of the State and the Executive Spokeswoman of the Local Chapter of the National Electoral Institute of Baja California, María Luisa Flores Huerta.


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