San Quintin residents demand Congress representatives to approve the desalination project

San Quintin residents demand Congress representatives to approve the desalination project

Oct 10, 2017

San Quintin residents, grouped under the name “San Quintin and Vicente Guerrero Leaders” march to express their disagreement regarding the blockade against the desalination plants projects for San Quintin, Ensenada and Rosarito, which has been going on for week and organized by a bunch of political groups with particular interests.

Demanding water for their families, the demonstrators arrived to the State Government representation offices to require authorities to find a solution for the problem and they deemed criminal the fact that some congressmen are politically opposed to the desalination plants project.

According to the demonstrators marching, t is relevant to mention that the PRI Congressman for the District that includes San Quintin, Alejandro Arregui Ibarra, should leave politics aside and advocate this measure that looks like the most viable alternative to end the drought problem in Ensenada South and all the West Coast of Baja California.

It was a peaceful demonstration, the marching group demanded the Congressmen to approve the legislative acts to ease up the construction of the desalination plants and they delivered a document that says as follows: “The water reserves are almost depleted and the available water is of the worst quality, every day the tandems are longer and the water tanker trucks have increased their prices up to 125 pesos and even more, for each cubic meter of water.

They also said that it is common knowledge that the conduction and distribution networks, as well as the reservoirs are ready to work, the only thing left to do is to install the desalination plant and the master tank to wrap up the project; so it’s vital to act immediately to speed up the project.

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