The three Government branches together aiming to prevent and fight electoral crime

The three Government branches together aiming to prevent and fight electoral crime

Oct 10, 2017

To prevent and avoid electoral crime to occur in the relevant process of 2018, is an important part of the challenges that all kinds of authorities (electoral or not) have, the electoral storm is coming soon and it is vital for Governor Kiko Vega’s Government  to show willingness to collaborate with the three branches Baja California State and even with federal authorities, aiming to work in coordination to guarantee a successful electoral process, as all Baja California citizens expect, as the Government General Secretary Francisco Rueda Gomez who attended the act on behalf of Governor Vega, where there was an agreement signed among State and Federal authorities in order to guarantee a legal electoral process and avoid electoral crime.

“We aim, all together, to contribute and guarantee that all the electoral processes occur in strict respect to the Law and to make sure that “free will and decision” will be priority when citizens vote, so they can choose and decide utterly free”, said Rueda Gomez.

Together with the Governor’s representative (Rueda) were: Congressman Benjamin Gomez Mac1as, head of the Legislative Branch of Baja California as well as the President of the Superior Court of Justice, Jorge Armando Vazquez thus gathering the three heads of the State power branches.

The will to work together among the parts allowed to formulate the task schedule which was announced jointly and that will prevent electoral crime, seeking to prevent any illegal action of such nature and foster citizen’s responsible participation in the electoral process.

The Special Attorney for Electoral Crime, Santiago Nieto Castillo, said that this agreement is very important to develop strategies and information exchange and to follow up the legal suits and claims if there were elements to presume the occurrence of electoral crime, thus the State and Federal Administration collaboration in such an important task.

Besides the representatives of the three Branches were: the President of the Electoral Justice Court, Martin Ríos Garay; General Director of the Legal Matters Regarding Electoral Crime, Alejandro Porte Petit y and the Executive Chairwoman of the National Electoral Institute in Baja California, María Luisa Flores Huerta.

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