What is happening in National Action Party?

What is happening in National Action Party?

Oct 11, 2017


Margarita Zavala, wife of former President Felipe Calderon, has quit PAN (the partisan organization which made Felipe President) because of her differences with Ricardo Anaya, the current national head of PAN who (according to Zavala’s political group) has harmed the partisan unity in PAN but seems to forget the manner in which her husband, when he was President, imposed two National Leaders in the party.

Their names: German Martinez (who started the downfall of the party) who is a huge egotistical and narcissist personality and caused severe damage to PAN without caring a bit, the other one named Nava was nothing more than a presidential marionette who did with the party any which thing Felipe wished and told him.

Those two individuals enslaved PAN and somehow favored the return of PRI to the Republic Presidency, now, after Margarita, Cocoa (nickname for Felipe Calderon’s sister Senator Luisa Calderon) also resigns to her partisan militancy in PAN, an act of family solidarity and neither Anaya is an utter prick nor Margarita is a Virgin Mary of sorts, both have a long history behind them.

In Mexicali, four PAN members who had resigned and went to the ranks of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) a political party which (according to them) was a Project with a certain future growth (politically and demographically) now has agreed an Alliance with PAN and the left wing PRD, so they consider that they couldn’t go back to their “political cradle” since they consider the alliance called “Pact for Mexico” is not coherent with what they saw in MC when they arrived there, but that is another story.

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