Governor Kiko Vega welcomes experts who will save the Vaquita Marina

Governor Kiko Vega welcomes experts who will save the Vaquita Marina

Oct 12, 2017

A team of Mexican scientists and technicians from the Vaquita CPR (Conservation, Protection and Recovery) program arrived in Baja California intending to save the vaquita marina from extinction, Governor Francisco Kiko Vega and Federal Environmental Protection Secretary (Semarnat in Spanish) Rafael Pacchiano welcomed them and told the experts from the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico that their help will be decisive in order to achieve the rescue of an endemic species of this State.

The Works will be led by Lorenzo Rojas Bracho from the SEMARNAT and Cynthia Smith form National Marine Mammal Foundation, with support from Barbara Taylor from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

During the act, the action plan for the first month’s operation was presented, it began in 2015 and has three planned stages, structured and equipped with the highest technology and qualified personnel.

The first stage is to capture vaquita specimens, using the Maria Cleofas vessel and seven more, with presence of Frances Gulland, leader veterinarian and Grant Abel, marine mammal logistics expert, who have worked with other species of porpoises in the world. During this stage four bottlenose dolphins will participate, they have been trained by the US Navy, and they are in Mexico since last October 5th to get accustomed and start locating vaquita marina specimens.

In the second stage the vaquitas will be hosted in specially designed pools, and will be under observation for 48 hours to monitor their health and nourishing.

In the third stage they will be taken to the sanctuary, designed for their safekeeping while alternative fishing arts are developed in order to eliminate the “agallera” and “enmalle” fishing nets in the area.

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