Quadruplets born at IMSS hospital in Mexicali

Quadruplets born at IMSS hospital in Mexicali

Oct 12, 2017

MEXICALI .- A woman from Ensenada gave birth to quadruplets at the Pediatric Gynecology Hospital of the Mexicali IMSS. This was confirmed on Tuesday October 10, by Oscar Alonso Pérez Rico, head of IMSS Medical Benefits in Baja California.

The doctor reported that so far the health status of the 4 infants is serious but stable, because the delivery was premature, the mother and babies are under strict medical observation in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Due to the particular high-risk characteristics of this pregnancy case, the IMSS doctors programmed the delivery to be carried out in the Hospital of Mexicali, which totally equipped to take care of the birth of quadruplets.

This is the third birth of quadruplets recorded in Hospitals of the IMSS Baja California in the last 5 years, and according to the doctor the most recent has been the most successful, since the necessary measures and preparations were taken to make this birth successfull.

Hospital de Gineco pediatría del Seguro Social en Mexicali (Photo: Google)

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