Representative Vaca Chacón delivers equipment at Mexicali’s Technical High School # 8

Representative Vaca Chacón delivers equipment at Mexicali’s Technical High School # 8

Oct 12, 2017

Mexicali, Baja California a 11 de Octubre de 2017.- Representative María Trinidad Vaca Chacón personally delivered the equipment for the carpentry, electricity and welding workshops of Technical High School # 8, contributing to the education and training of young people in Mexicali.

Vaca Chacón is also the president of the Commission of Human Rights, Family and Religious Affairs.

“It is very important that you prepare yourself for the future and acquire all the necessary skills to succeed in life, everything you learn here is also useful to apply at home and help your parents’ economy,” she told the students.


The students and teachers of the different workshops received the material consisting of drills, saws, flexometers, inverters, tubes, couplers, dampers, pliers and dice sets, among others.

The School Principal, Hilda Pacheco León said:  “On a previous visit this member of the congress gave her word to support the workshops. The fact that she fulfills her commitment speaks of a true citizen representative who demonstrates with facts what a legislator can do for her community”.

Alumnos podrán realizar sus prácticas en las aulas de carpintería, electricidad y soldadura

The students thanked Vaca Chacón for her support because they haven’t been able to complete their practices in the workshops due to lack of equipment, and now they can do it. Finally, they underlined that their work will now have higher quality and it will be easier to learn.

Vaca Chacón, recalcó que este apoyo es apenas el inicio, ya que continuará en pláticas con los directivos para acordar otras necesidades con las que cuenta el plantel.

To end her visit, the Legislator took a tour of the three workshop facilities and encouraged the young people to continue preparing themselves as these tools will enable them to have an occupation, regardless of the college career or profession they choose in the future.

Vaca Chacón, stressed that this is just the beginning, as she will continue to support the campus in other needs.


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